Saturday, June 27, 2009

High Water.

Greetings from the soggy land of the Mighty Upper,
The massive river flows continued with some considerable help from Mother Nature this week. Fuelled by late spring runoff, and almost daily rain, the rivers are bustling right along at levels not seen since the early part of this decade. We are all looking forward to getting back to our normal alpine desert existence. I swear I spotted some sort of growth on my bathroom tile the other day. I am told it is called mildew.
I have had several requests for information regarding the level of the Colorado specifically the stretch below Shadow Mountain Dam. I lack adequate words to describe it so I will post some video to YouTube.
Most of the fish we are catching are feeding subsurface on the usual assortment of nymphs and wet-flies. I have managed to coax a few to the surface with caddis flies and John Bar’s emerger.
On a serious note:
Last weekend a fisherman lost his life while fishing on the Colorado River. Mr. Eric M. Kophs, 42, fell out of his raft near the Needle’s eye rapid on the stretch between Pump House and Radium last Saturday. As of this post they have not recovered his body. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Kophs's family and friends.

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  1. Mr.Kophs's body was recovered near Rancho Del Rio this past week.